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Wellness Intervention with the Long Term Care Professional in Mind.

Foster a spirit of excellence by working wonderfully well.


What Is Wonderfully Well About?

Wonderfully Well is a wellness intervention company developed to help Long Term Care employers improve the health and well-being of their professional caregivers. Our CEO & Founder, Dr. Felicia Vaughn, also, a family caregiver, realized there is a need to help physicians, nurses, social workers, direct care workers, and others in the industry avoid burnout, after overcoming her own ‘bout of burnout. When caregivers have the heart to focus on the care and well-being of others, they can lose sight of caring for themselves. Equipped with her own ever-evolving relationship with wellness, a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, a Career Management Coach Certification, and a Worksite Wellness Specialist Certification, Dr. Vaughn is bringing a wealth of knowledge to promote, encourage, & support long-term care professionals in achieving wellness.

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For ALL professional caregivers to be wonderfully well in body, soul, and spirit .

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To improve behaviors which impact the health and well-being of professional caregivers.

We Share Wellness, so

You Can Provide Excellent Services, so

Families Can Have Peace of Mind.

When we are well we treat others well.

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Why Wellness?

Wellness is Health, but Health is not just physical.

Stress, burnout and frustration of healthcare professionals should be of immediate concern to leaders in the Long Term Care industry.  Ultimately, these factors can lead to losses in productivity, increased administrative cost, medical errors, malpractice suits, and healthcare associated infections. In the Long Term Care industry, what we know is:


Direct Care Workers

According to research, 1 in 2 direct care workers leaves their job in 12 months.



The average turnover rate for LTC nursing staff in Texas is 55%.


Social Workers

Licensed LTC social workers report the highest lack of peer and agency support, than their peers in other sectors.



US Physicians in LTC ranked highest in experiencing emotional exhaustion than physicians in other countries.

Wonderfully Well’s Impact is to help Long Term Care professionals work, play and live well, resulting in residents being treated with dignity and experiencing their best quality of life.

What is the value of worksite wellness?

Wellness Benefits:

  • Employees who exercise, eat healthy, quit smoking and choose other healthy lifestyle choices spend 33-50% LESS on healthcare costs.

  • Well-designed wellness programs have a ROI of $1.50 - $3 per dollar spent over a 2 - 9 year time frame.

  • Wellness programs can serve as recruitment and retention strategies when compensation is low and benefits are minimal.

  • Investing in employee health and well-being has been shown to reduce workplace injury rates, and worker compensation’s claims.

Let me assist you with the tools to implement the wisdom of wellness.

How We Can Help?

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A. Wellness Consulting – Our consulting services help you build wellness programming for your staff. We will recommend easy to implement, and low to no cost solutions to help you maintain a culture of wellness.

B. Wellness Training – Our training is for leaders, managers and staff on topics of care to help them improve their wellness by inspiring, educating, and reinforcing wellness practices for the purpose of improving overall employee health.

C. Wellness Coaching – We provide one-on-one coaching to professional caregivers to help them improve their well-being for the purpose of working at their full potential.

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